Coaching for Life

Life can be complicated at times. Although we may have family and friends for support, everyone has their own opinion or contribution to make about what is going on for us. Coaching provides a neutral, non-judgemental setting where you can reflect on your issues and come to your own conclusions about what’s best for you.

Coaching for Work

Being at work or thinking about work can take up a large part of our lives and we want it to be meaningful and right for us. Coaching on work issues also considers what else is going on in our lives. Coaching on work issues can help clarify the right balance for us in terms of how we want our time to be spent.

Coaching in Groups

Group coaching often happens around a common theme or purpose. We can be gathered together in a work setting to resolve an issue, in a community setting to see how our contribution can create social change or in a personal capacity to seek purpose and fulfilment in life.