Thank you Fiona for being there to offer guidance and encouragement through the many big changes and challenges that I’ve faced over the last months. You have been a very reliable compass for me whilst trying to navigate the turbulent waters of raising a young family, starting a business and moving to a new area all at once!

The positive, practical advice and supportive, uplifting chats have all been so important in helping me to reflect; and to find and follow the steps, (albeit baby!) of the bumpy path which is ultimately leading towards the best version of me!

Ladies, if you need some help realising and meeting some life goals, big or small, I definitely recommend getting in touch with Fiona!

Jody Rosling
Mindful Mumpreneur & Educator



The space provided in coaching sessions with Fiona really helped me to reflect on the issues that were important to me and allowed me to cement the best course of action in my own mind and how best to go forward with it Fiona provides an effective non-judgmental sounding board for important discussions and I have benefited greatly from this gaining greater clarity, purpose and resolve to go forward.

Jackie from Newtownabbey

Fiona has helped me recognise my achievements so I can now focus on how I am going to achieve my future goals. Everyone has busy lives but I would recommend taking the time with Fiona to help get the balance back in your life. Fiona is professional and very easy to talk to and provided quick feedback after sessions which I found invaluble. I was sceptical about going to a personal coach but my positive experience leads me to believe everyone should give it a go.

Nicole Carten

I met Fiona through doing a Politics Course and her service was included so I availed of this and found her to be fantastic as a life coach.

Fiona is very professional and knowledgable in her role and she is a very effective listener who inspires and motivates you to be the best version of yourself. She provides tools for you to visualise and achieve your goals and uses your strengths to assist you in pursuing what makes you happy and productive in your life.

I would thoroughly recommend Fiona as a Life Coach. She would be a fantastic asset to use within any organisation to inspire and motivate people and assist them in reaching their potential.

Denzi McConnell

I have had two life coaching sessions with Fiona and to say they have been beneficial is an understatement. I came to Fiona in my first session confused and unsure about where I wanted to go in life with regards to my career and how I could reach my goals. Fiona is full of knowledge and experience that I find inspiring and so she was able to provide me with the relevant information and a plan for the steps I need to take in order for me to get the best fulfillment in life. She has also been a form of support for me regarding my personal life and allows a safe space for me to be open, honest and vulnerable. Her wisdom and advice helps me to gain perspective and clarity with situations I struggle with which I am then able to approach with a more clear and positive mindset. I always leave my sessions feeling confident, reassured and motivated. This experience has taught me so much about myself and has gave me a better outlook on life, ready to take on new challenges which has been invaluable to me, and I will be forever grateful to Fiona for that.


“I met with Fiona for life coaching sessions, and it has been an absolute pleasure meeting with Fiona
She made me feel so at ease, not many people have what it takes to do that, she has helped, supported and encouraged me to identify the areas of my life that needed change, a genuine and enthusiastic lady, who loves what she does and it shows, “


Coach Fiona was very welcoming and we had a great rapport from the start. She listened intently and was able to subtly push me to explore and come up with answers to my own questions. Really enjoyed the sessions and I was able to plan a way forward with clarity. Thank you.


‘I gained personal and career benefits as those were the nature of the challenges I was facing at the time.

I found the process to be incredibly reassuring. In particular, the process reinforced the self-awareness work that I had done previously and I was able to be positive about my challenges and dilemmas, fostering a strong motivation in me to seek the changes in my life and career that I wanted to see through.

With the resultant impetus, and the focused thinking brought to the fore by Fiona, I was able to target and develop a relationship that has since led to a successful career move that has proven to be a really good fit to my career aspirations.’