Why employ a coach?

Everyone needs a neutral and non-judgmental third party from time to time who can reflect to us how we are thinking, what we are saying and whether or not it is taking us towards our goals and desired outcomes. FM Coaching offers a motivating and uplifting coaching experience that will guide and facilitate each client to uncover the answers they are seeking -answers that we firmly believe are already inside of you.
FM Coaching will facilitate you to realise your true potential whilst helping you to set achievable goals that will support you in creating the life that you wish for.
Coaching sessions can be used to focus on a particular decision or a career move, but also to build confidence, self-belief and inner resilience.
FM Coaching can work on issues of confidence and self-belief, stress management and boundary setting, self-care and self-management, career development and interview preparation and virtually any issue where you feel that you require support, growth and personal development.

Who is FM Coaching?

FM Coaching is a Belfast based coaching business built on the expertise of Fiona Molloy who has over 25 years of experience in supporting others, both in groups and on a one to one basis and has now honed her skills as a qualified and accredited life and executive coach recognised by the Association for Coaching-the UK’s regulatory body for the coaching profession.
As an Association for Coaching Diploma qualified and accredited coach, Fiona specializes in helping people to uncover their true purpose in life and supporting them to find their courage and confidence allowing them to live the life that they have been dreaming of. Coaching is not just for the big life journeys and transformations, the coaching process can also be used:
• For the day to day decision making that people can sometimes struggle with
• For becoming more attuned to your intuition and what your heart/gut is saying to you
• For becoming more able to trust your own inner voice and your own judgement and wisdom
Fiona’s key values are ‘authenticity’ and ‘living joyfully’ and she believes that ‘Truth is not something we tell but something that we live’. Fiona embodies these values and believes that she can help others to find their own true values and to begin to live these out in their everyday lives.
Fiona has a number of associates that specialise in organisational and business coaching and who use Neuro Linguistic Programming approaches to positive change and transformation.

Why choose FM Coaching?

FM Coaching is heavily invested in the outcomes for clients. What we love most about the coaching process is seeing the transformation of clients on their journey through self-discovery as they begin to realise that everything they need to know and understand is already within their grasp.
Coaching is a facilitation process and for those who are willing to be coached, it can be a powerful and empowering experience.
Coaching does not just resolve the current issue or that which a client presents with, but it passes over a suite of tools and strategies for living more positively and more successfully with a greater perspective on what is important and how to prioritize this. FM Coaching has had particularly good results in interview coaching and Fiona has a notable skill in supporting people to present confidently at interview.