Coaching for Life

Everyone wants to feel their best, full of energy and vitality and the process of coaching can help to bring focus to what we need to do in order to take best care of our bodies and our minds. You may have weight loss or exercise goals or simply want to eat more healthily and feel better. FM Coaching will help you to set health and wellbeing goals that you can then become accountable for- to yourself. These will be reviewed and discussed at each coaching session to ensure that they remain appropriate and to assess how well they are working for you. The process of personal accountability is fully explored in this form of coaching as we become more aware of how we are responsible for all of the change in our own lives.

There is no such thing as the perfect parent. We are all on a journey of continuous improvement in this regard! Fiona has had a busy career spanning over 25 years but also gave life to 5 others along the way. This, we believe, is our most important role in life. How can we be the role model to our children that we want to be? How can we live in such a way that inspires those closest to us? These questions are explored in our coaching for positive parenting. Fiona has trained in the World Health Organisation’s Strengthening Families methodology, an intensive course that prioritises mutual respect and understanding in family relationships. We can look at issues of boundary setting, roles and responsibilities and anything that the client requires clarity on. Our biggest learning often is that when we change-everything changes.

Even the most self-assured of us can take a wobble from time to time. A situation may take us out of our comfort zone and self-doubt sets in. Self-doubt can lead to self-sabotage and so it needs to be addressed as soon as possible and head on. Confidence coaching facilitates us to question the assumptions that we are making around a situation and our capacity to deal with it. We look at the messages we are perceiving to be negative from others and whether they are really as loaded as we might imagine. Confidence coaching is about building a strong inner core of self-trust and self-belief based on true self-knowledge. When we know who we are we are less likely to be easily knocked or undermined. This form of coaching is powerful and empowering and is a must for those on a journey of personal discovery and fulfilment.

Sometimes life can be hectic and we take on more than we feel we can handle – our boundaries become blurred and we feel we are not coping well. Coaching for stress management facilitates us to look at the competing areas of our life, what we have committed to and why. We will look at what is most important to us and how to prioritise. We will learn how to say ‘no’ to others without fearing that we will lose friends or associates.  We will make some real commitments to ourselves and learn how to ‘fill up our own cup’ using self-care practices before offering a drink to others. We will learn how respect for the self comes first and only when we are fully nurtured can we give nurture to others. We will learn new boundaries and teach others to respect these.

Soul Coaching facilitates self-empowerment by using techniques based on a powerful mix of Life Coaching techniques, core psychological principles, counselling skills and learning to harness the power of your own natural intuition.

The process will help you to build ground in your authentic self, connecting your head, your heart and your body in a way that transforms your inner and outer world. Soul coaching explores the importance of self-love and how we can grow in compassion and care for others only after we have shown ourselves the ultimate compassion and love.

In this form of coaching we can explore:

  • Fear and Negativity
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Living on Purpose
  • Manifesting the life you want.
  • Befriending Emotions like Anxiety, Sadness and Anger
  • Managing Stress
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Handling Change
  • Improving your Self-Esteem